Welcome to SCT Acoustics

SCT PhotoWelcome. I am Stephen C. Thompson. I am a Research Professor of Acoustics in the Graduate Program in Acoustics at the at  The Pennsylvania State University.  Prior to joining Penn State in 2005, I worked for nearly 30 years in industrial R&D, developing acoustic transducers (microphones and loudspeakers) for applications, first in sonar systems and later in hearing aids.

The scope of this technology includes piezoelectric and magnetostrictive transducer designs used primarily in sonar systems, condenser and miniature electret microphones for general measurement purposes and use in small electronic devices, and magnetic and electrodynamic loudspeakers, including the miniature balanced armature devices used in hearing aids and high quality in-ear monitors and earphones. 

Much of this work is documented in the patents, presentations and papers that are referenced in the CV. This includes the fundamental patent on the multiply resonant acoustic transducer used for wideband sonar systems, and patents that provide design solutions for imperfectly matched microphones in a second order directional microphone array.

Consulting services and design advice are available in all areas of transducer analysis and design, electroacoustics and acoustic system design. I would be happy to discuss your application and requirements.